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Pron. VËR (veh-r). It's short for 'Vered', the Hebrew word for 'Rose'.

VËR is a professionally-trained musical artist, performer & producer based out of Montreal with a jazzy, intimate but powerful tone. When on stage, she has a special ability to connect with the audience & transport them into her world of vocals. 

Her experiences blend the artistic, technical and performance sides of the music industry. VËR studied PIANO + VOICE at the Montreal Academy of Music, AUDIO PRODUCTION at Toronto's Harris Institute For The Arts, and VOICE ACTING at Big Voice Studios. VËR builds custom-themed performances & sets based on the client's vision & event theme so each experience is unique and one to remember.


Having been singing, writing music & performing for over 15 years, the stage and the studio are like her second homes.



"Connecting and creating memories with audiences through the power of performance is what lights me up. I hope to see you in the crowd soon..."

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